Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Well here we go.

So here's the deal with the West Side Invite. I am trying to make this thing different from the last year and there are a number of reasons that I think might get me in some trouble with folks. I am not interested in planning and hosting yet another fringe bike culture jamboree. I feel as though there are ample avenues for that sort of entertainment in Portland already and I personally have little to no interest in putting one more on. This is an annual event that has been put on by messengers for messengers for a number of years. The rise of popularity with the culture and fashion of a stereotyped "messenger" and fixies has resulted in a number of new folks coming out and participating in alley-cats and other messenger-centric events the last year or so and I am not trying to say that is necessarily something to fight against but rather simply that the West Side Invite is not an event for that. There is a realistic need in my opinion to try and concentrate more on the community of individuals that we surround ourselves with and the friends and family both in-town and out-of-town that will be attending our event. It is a tough and unpopular line to tow but I am not some sort of cultural icon and my friendships and lifestyle are not something I wish to market or posture for pictures with. The issue with sponsorships is that we feel the need to make a return on the donated goods and monies and what is it we have to give? Ourselves? Our jobs? What is it exactly and why should it matter how many people attended the races and how much money/beer we got for free. Those are secondary issues that fall way behind my main concern of getting everyone in-town involved and all the out-of-towners we can muster and having a good time all weekend.
I know this seems ridiculous but it has become a major issue lately for me as I try and take opinions and figure out what exactly we are doing this year. So in trying to keep with some of these issues I have decided to take a subjective viewpoint as to who is eligible for prizes and how the weekend will run. Non messengers will not be eligible for prizes. I know there are a lot of folks who don't work but who are still massively important to the community (Ken comes to mind; I myself work only part-time these days), and like I said it might get a bit subjective but that is how the proverbial cookie crumbles. Also, I am trying desperately to get the few women working downtown to participate in the planning, many of whom have worked for a number of years and have often felt either unwelcome or uncomfortable at various times during these events. I understand not everyone wants to race and that each person has a different personality but it is very important to me to get everyone who works downtown engaged and interested in the weekend. To many old timers feel alienated or at least disinterested in the whole thing and I think it has a lot to do with the sort of track bike circus that has sprung up all over town along with the fact they have planned this thing for awhile now and don't get very excited.
These things are important. More so than how big the parties are gonna be and if our pictures are in magazines. I am working on writing up a more formal sort of manifesto that will articulate all this far better but I wanted to post something and this was on my mind. Let me know what you think so far and believe me I am trying desperately not to be a jerk but as Meghan and Ryan told me today "You already crossed that bridge awhile back". Well...oh well.

Hugs and kisses,
P.S: Draft day tomorrow. Let's hope for something amazing. I am going to vomit all over myself in excitement. Blazers number one!

Friday, April 27, 2007


For anyone interested. Which you shouldn't be. I have an interview over on the page.
Head on over and read me making an ass of myself.
C Murder Interview

Thursday, April 19, 2007

For R. Kelley

Well, I have no idea what the point of putting this thing up could be but R. Kelley (pictured here)
seemed interested in seeing what I had to say so at least there is one person who will read it.
My name is Casey Fitzpatrick and I have managed to get myself a ridiculous nick name, C Murder, that makes me sound a lot tougher than I probably am. The origins of it are actually rather mundane so the details will be spared (suffice to say that I was lined up to become DumpTruck but an intervention by the famed BillDozer prevented such an unfortunate moniker).
I work somewhat, or rather sometimes, as a messenger in Portland, I recently declared myself president of the Portland United Messenger Association which was a controversial and hardly believed sort of action, and I also go to college for a useless piece of paper that confirms my great ability to read and write about books (also known as a B.A. in English). Despite this sort of training I am still not so great at spelling or grammar which is sort of pathetic but will be blamed by me on society and the lackluster concern with education in general by all levels of the academic ladder. Other than that there is not much to relate. I will try and come up with something interesting and see how this goes but for now this is all I got. I mean it took a bit just to figure out how to set this up so give me a bit of slack. Mostly I just felt that it would be good if someone other than Dabby had a blog for others to read. He really shouldn't be the voice of Portland messengers. If you've met him you would understand. This has become a common motivation for me as of late. So I'll try not to disappoint you all, especially you, Ryan.

P.S: I just finished watching a crazy guy pace around the library for about 15 minutes. Have you ever noticed the crazy person calculating that happens sometimes? When they talk to themselves and punch at what looks like a large invisible calculator in the air? Sometimes they end up pleased with the results and other times it seems whatever imaginary sum spit out by their imaginary calculations really doesn't meet expectations. Either way it seems to be an interesting character trait that has developed in a number of people around town. Keep an eye out for it because it is surprisingly captivating (what are they figuring out? Tax deductions? How many pixies they are seeing? Their body mass index?). Just something I noticed while posting this mindless drivel. Talk to you all soon and feel free to send in your opinions and comments (most of which I assume will implore me to cease such a venture).